Moisture Control

  • Moisture Control

    Your insulation is only as good as your moisture control, which is why we pay particular attention to installing the proper moisture control based on the areas and uses of the building.

  • On basic poly applications we ensure continuity and sealing of the vapor barrier by adapting to the buildings framing and design.

  • On more efficient products like closed-cell spray foam insulation, we pay extremely close attention to the continuity, and proper seal to the substrates. A non continuous vapour barrier is like having a pot with a hole in it. Thankfully we offer spray foam insulation with the lowest permeability per inch, which means it’s unable to absorb water and create mold.

  • By advising the customers with the right products, we can prevent excessive heat loss or gain through framing and achieve the minimum cold spots that will attract condensation in sensitive areas.

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Moisture Control by Magnus Insulation and Fireproofing.

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