Asbestos Removal

  • Asbestos Removal

    If your house was built or renovated from 1950 to 1990, there is a big chance you have some type of asbestos, hidden as a silent potential killer, living at home. Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous material that was a popular building material (1950-1990), as it had many advantages: Good fire protection properties, tensile strength, and resistance to chemical erosion. Vermiculite, a light-weight, material, is one the most common products containing asbestos in the local residential market. Due to its insulation and fire-resistant properties, is was extensively used as Insulation on Attics and Walls. If you have vermiculite insulation in your home, you should assume this material is contaminated with asbestos. It could be hidden under newer insulation, but its fibers can still infiltrate you home, potentially causing lung cancer or other health issues.

  • If you work on a building built before 1990, it's very likely that some parts of the buildings contain asbestos, as this material was used in many applications such as: - Spray applied fireproofing on structural supports (columns and beams
    - Mechanical insulation (Boilers, Vessels, tanks, pipes, etc.)
    - Linoleum (high concentrations of asbestos is usually found on the backing paper of old linoleum, which tears easily at removal, resulting in high asbestos fibre levels)
    - Floor Tiles (Resilient floor tiles, All sizes)
    - Drywall Tapping Mud
    - Asbestos cement board, tiles and pipes
    - Texture decorative coatings on wall and ceilings

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